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Welcome to Q Psychrometers

The Q Corporation Pychrometer is built according to ASHRAE 41.1 specification for reading wet bulb temperatures using RTDs, T/Cs, thermisters, or thermometer temperature elements (TE). Per specification air is drawn through an air chamber at approximately 1000 ft/min it passes over two TEs. The TEs measure dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the air. All other moist air properties can be calculated using the temperature’ values from the two thermometers.  The wet-bulb TE is wetted by a cotton wick that draws distilled water from a lower water reservoir through capillary action.  This process enables the wet-bulb to remain wetted for continuous measurement.

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Our Background

As a recognized leader within the global testing community, Q Corporation has built its reputation as a preferred designer and manufacturer of integrated environmental testing facilities and supporting components.  Our experience as a turnkey provider has enabled our organization to develop an acute capability in controls, instrumentation and systems integration.  Our corporate engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Las Vegas Nevada, with regional offices and support staff in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Boston & India.

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